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Tourism Seychelles. News from the Seychelles Islands

October has proven to be a bountiful month for our tiny paradise, especially with increased air connectivity and visibility and as we welcome the return of visitors from some of our traditional markets ahead of the winter season.

In the latest sequel of our digital campaign, Experience Seychelles, we showcase the wonders of our nation under three pillars; ‘Grand Diversity’, ‘Nature’s Sanctuary’, and ‘Creole Rendezvous’. Released at the beginning of October, the main video was a sensation on YouTube with some 238,000 views in only 3 weeks.

As our teams around the world intensify their work on the various markets making Seychelles more accessible to international partners, our labours bore fruit as on October 11, 2021, we welcomed our 114,589th visitor for the year, surpassing the 2020 figures.

Remaining prominent on the international scene, our pristine paradise received recognition through 3 prestigious accolades at the World Travel Awards 2021, crowned Indian Ocean's Leading Cruise Destination 2021, Leading Honeymoon Destination 2021 and finally Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2021.

Seychelles marks the end of creole heritage month on the international stage with the exuberant celebration of its National Day at the Dubai Expo 2020. With an entire day in the spotlight, our island nation gave the Expo audiences creole spectacles showcasing our islands’ extensive beauty and rich heritage.

Taking a leap in restarting tourism in June 2020 and the complete reopening of our country to tourism in March 2021 presented its challenges, but it has also shown us the resilience of our industry which is sure to carry us towards further success.

As the author Matshona Dhliwayo would say, “A rose started off a bud, a bird started off an egg, and a forest started off a seed.”

Bernadette Willemin

Director General for Marketing - Tourism Seychelles