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COVID situation in Seychelles

All we received today the excellent and very encouraging information by Mrs. Louisa Agricole about the COVID situation in Seychelles.

There is a graph in this information (enclosed in this message) and my strong advice is to send this graph with a very short information and a nice title to local media. Later you can take questions and respond to them based on the information we receive regularly from The Ministry.

This graph speaks like a thousands of pages of information and can really help our tourism. Put it also on Social Media, on your Consular web sites send it via email to all tour-operators in your countries. You must always quote the source - Ministry of Heath of Republic of Seychelles.

Please, as we spoke at our Consular Meeting with the H.E. Minister Radegonde and PSs excellencies Fock-Tave and Francis - use every single opportunity to promote Seychelles among local and international media. These days, but also always, it is crucially important to our beloved country.   

I use this opportunity to thank the Ministry and especially to Louse Agricole for the very professional regular weekly information we receive and what we needed always!